Review: A Court of Mist and Fury


Review: A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J. Maas
Language: English
Publisher: Bloomsbury (e-book)
Pages: 626

My overall rating for this book: 5/5

Since I read this book on my vacation is south Sweden, I didn’t really take notes on specific things in the book. So, this review is just basically my feelings written down in retrospect. Enjoy.

The story and triggers warnings:
Since it’s a new adult book, the story features both violence and sex in various ways. Nothing quite disturbing. But if you don’t want to read about steamy sex you’ve been warned (lol).

What did I like/dislike about the book?
I felt that this book was a rollercoaster ride. It was wild. It has twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. I was completely blindsided by some of the twists which was a feeling I’m not used to, and not really in this genre.
And the Night Court, oh my god. Rhysand, just marry me or something.

I usually feel that YA sometimes might be just to predictable for me. However, with this series, that’s not the case. (I just googled and can see that this series is new adult, so my statement is a bit inaccurate).
I’m not an avid reader of new adult, I have mainly stuck to YA or adult fiction. But the mix of the two genres is a fresh breeze. To be able to read a story like this and still enjoy the gory scenes of war and the steamy bits of sex. I’m a fan!

Review: Bird Box


Review: Bird Box by Josh Malerman
Language: English
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Pages: 291
My overall rating for this book: 5

The story and triggers warnings
We follow Malorie who in the middle of a catastrophe tries to raise her children and keep her and them safe. The outside world has become a unsafe place. And the only way to go outside is to blindfold yourself.
Something is roaming out there, and if you catch a glimpse of it you will go crazy. To keep safe, people have huddled together in houses with windows covered with blankets. How do you preform the most basic things, like fetching water from the well if you can’t see it?

What did I like/dislike about the book?
I actually enjoyed most parts of this book. It was a brilliant work of fiction that makes you think “How would I survive this?”. It’s a story about a catastrophe and about how people come together to survive. It’s a story about true friendships and surviving against all odds.

Review: Call Me By Your Name

IMG_1736Review: Call Me By Your Name – André Aciman
Language: English
Publisher: Atlantic Books London
Pages: 248

My overall rating for this book: 5 stars

The story and triggers warnings
The story follows our main character Elio, who every summer goes to their house on the Italian Riviera. He’s parents takes in a guest every year. And this year it’s Oliver. We follow their relationship which blossoms over the summer. It’s an honest and compelling story about love. And above all, summer love.  Since the story is told in retrospect, we know from the beginning that the love story does not continue, which filled me as a reader with a feeling of sorrow even though I hadn’t gotten to know the characters yet.
It’s a story about falling head over heels in love with someone and doing everything to feel loved.

A trigger warning is in place for somewhat graphic sex scenes. Aciman really have a way of describing these ones, I’m not sure if I loved it or disliked it. But it was an essential part of the book and story. Without it, the story would have felt flat.

What did I like/dislike about the book?
I absolutely fell in love with the story over all. It was well written and had a great balance between love and despair. I really felt for the main characters at most times and just wanted to jump into the book and hug them both.

As I mentioned above, there was pretty graphic sex scenes. Which I at times had trouble with. Especially a certain scene in the book regarding a fruit made me cringe out of my skin and I had to close the book for a couple of minutes. If you’ve read it, or seen the film, you probably know what I’m referring to.

Am I a environmentally conscious reader?

img_2166.jpgSomething I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is how to be an environment friendly reader. I’m not the most environmentally conscious person you may stumble across, but I think about it from time to time.
Because, books are made of paper, which is made of wood. Which comes from the forest. So to get books, we need to cut down forests.
I don’t really know much about the ink process, and if it would help for publishers to change to eco-friendly ink. But I guess it would. Because toxins are bad?!

And another thing is that I order books from Bookdepository in the United Kingdom, mostly because the books are cheaper and I read mostly in English. However, they ship via plane, so my books is flown to me in Sweden every time I order something (even though I understand that the plane will lift off even if I don’t order a book or two, so it probably won’t make a difference).

Regardless, I can’t stop thinking about it. And sometimes even feel bad about my bookshelves which is stuffed with books, or dead tiny trees. 😦

Lately, I’ve been trying to read more e-books instead on my iPad. And I usually also borrow a great deal of books from my local library. So maybe I’m doing something!

Apparently I now have THREE editions of the Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. One e-book, a paperback I borrowed from my local library and a hardback that I borrowed from my sister (AFTER I checked the paperback version out of the library). That is crazy. I’m a bit ashamed, haha.

What do you think about books and being environmentally friendly? Tell me in the comments.

I read a article while I was browsing the internet for inspiration for this post. I thought it was good, so I’ll leave it here for you:

Book review: It

Book review It by Stephen King

Language: Swedish

Publisher: Albert Bonniers Förlag

Pages: 1340

My overall rating for this book: 5 stars

The story and triggers warnings

The story revolves around the friendship of the Losers Club in Derry. The club is formed by Bill, Mike, Beverly, Ben, Eddie, Stan and Richie. They find each other and find comfort in the fact that they are all in some way social outcasts or losers. The story begins with Bills younger brother being found brutally murdered by the creature It. And Bill is determined to have his revenge on the creature.

And in some way all of the members of Losers Club have seen It, and they know they have to stop what’s haunting the town Derry. Because no one else will. We follow the kids on their journey, as well as adults when they return to finish what they started 27 years earlier.

The book contains heaps of racist and homophobic slurs, which in its way is disturbing and hard to read. However, King makes a good use of it. The point of it is to show that we, humans, are in a way the real monsters.

Other triggers one should be aware of before picking this book up is, child abuse, abuse in general, countless mentions of blood and gore and also graphic sex scenes.

What did I like/dislike about the book?

I liked the fact that the book revolved around the unlikely friendship of the Losers Club, and also the reunion of the gang 27 years later. And I loved the fact that a lot of the book centered around the evil of man as well as the evil created by It. It makes you think, who are the real monster?

Despite the book being 1300+ pages it was not dull, at times it fast paced which made me just keep turning the pages.But the last 200 pages of he book was sluggish and it felt at times like the story wasn’t moving forward at all. However, I don’t feel like I want to lower my rating for the book despite the slow paced end.

Since I read the translated version in Swedish, so I can’t really review Kings language use. But the translation work over all was good. Even though I was surprised that the Swedish translator hadn’t kept Pennywise as the name of the clown.

Big Book TBR


Since I’ve already been talking a bit about my big book year, let’s dive in a bit further. I earlier said that my goal was to read 20 books with over 600 pages, well, I’ve changed that to 500 pages and above. Because a lot of the books over 600 pages I’ve seen is like 1000 pages and more. And that’s A LOT.

But I still have a bit of chunky books on my TBR for this year. These are the ones I have so far ordered in number of most pages:

IT – Stephen King (currently reading when this post goes up), 1340 pages.

His Dark Materials – Philip Pullman, 1102 pages.

Don Quijote – Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, 935 pages.

Anna Karenina – Lev Tolstoj, 926 pages.

Drums of Autumn – Diana Gabaldon, 908 pages.

The Bronze Horseman – Paulina Simons, 810 pages.

The Goldfinch – Donna Tartt, 771 pages.

The Secret History – Donna Tartt, 659 pages.

Wolf Hall – Hilary Mantel, 647 pages.

The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss, 622 pages.

American Gods – Neil Gaiman, 592 pages.

And now that I’m looking back on this list, every book except American Gods are above 600 pages, haha. And I have a great deal of other books that I want to read that is not included in this list. But I’ll keep you updated on what I read and when  I read it!
I haven’t yet decided the order in which I’m reading this books. But I’ll guess I’ll read Wolf Hall soon because I’ve borrowed that from my local library. So I have to finish that one this summer (before August).


Please leave some chunky book recs in the comments! Or tell me your opinion on the books I’ve listed if you’ve read any of them.
Have a great day!

My reading goal 2018

Hello friends!

As you may have noticed, I’m not the best blogger (at least when it comes to continuously). My plan is from now on, to at least write on blog post per week, and maybe I’ll post shorter posts if I get a feeling!

So, this post is about my reading goal this year (you’ve been spoiled by the title already). Last year, my goodreads reading goal was 100 books, which i miraculously reached! Wow, yay me!
But this year, I’m doing it a bit different! My goodreads goal is set to 20 books. However, I will change it as the year progresses. My plan is to focus on BIG BOOKS this year. That means 20 book with 500 pages (or more).
At the moment I’ve read 4 books over 500 pages, I blame my university courses because I’ve just not had the time to invest in long chunky books. But now the semester has ended so I have all the time I need to read!
Right now I’m about 350 pages into IT by Stephen King,  it’s so good. I bet it’s not a coincidence that I’ve had nightmares for the last three nights, haha.

After I’m done with it, I’m going to start Anna Karenina (which has been on my TBR forever). I have a few books planned for reading. But do you guys have any recommendations? Please let me know in the comments!

And even though I’m focusing on big books this year, I will for sure read shorter books as well! So don’t you worry, I’ll probably post reviews for shorter books on here as well!

Have a nice day!