My reading goal 2018

Hello friends!

As you may have noticed, I’m not the best blogger (at least when it comes to continuously). My plan is from now on, to at least write on blog post per week, and maybe I’ll post shorter posts if I get a feeling!

So, this post is about my reading goal this year (you’ve been spoiled by the title already). Last year, my goodreads reading goal was 100 books, which i miraculously reached! Wow, yay me!
But this year, I’m doing it a bit different! My goodreads goal is set to 20 books. However, I will change it as the year progresses. My plan is to focus on BIG BOOKS this year. That means 20 book with 500 pages (or more).
At the moment I’ve read 4 books over 500 pages, I blame my university courses because I’ve just not had the time to invest in long chunky books. But now the semester has ended so I have all the time I need to read!
Right now I’m about 350 pages into IT by Stephen King,  it’s so good. I bet it’s not a coincidence that I’ve had nightmares for the last three nights, haha.

After I’m done with it, I’m going to start Anna Karenina (which has been on my TBR forever). I have a few books planned for reading. But do you guys have any recommendations? Please let me know in the comments!

And even though I’m focusing on big books this year, I will for sure read shorter books as well! So don’t you worry, I’ll probably post reviews for shorter books on here as well!

Have a nice day!

April Wrap up!


April was kind of hectic for me, with a lot of mandatory reading for school. But, I was lucky enough to squeeze in two reads for pleasure!

The first one was Obsidio – J. Kristoff and A. Kaufmann. It was a wonderful read, and I’m sad to se the series end. I wish there were more books coming out regarding the Illuminae Files.

The second one and final one was Still Me – Jojo Moyes. Which is the third book in the trilogy Me Before You. I actually didn’t like it, but then again I didn’t like After You either.
I really liked Me Before You, even if it had it’s issues. But the other two books following it fell flat for me. There were no emotional connection for me in the series any more. And Louisa felt whiny and it felt like Will was only dragged into the story at times to remind us of what had been. Even though in the third book, Louisa had clearly moved on in her life.


And her New York boyfriend?! What was all that about! I feel like Moyes is better than to write in a look a like as a romantic interest.
And, the fact that she forgave Sam and took him back was even more baffling to me. I always thought of Louisa as stronger than that.


As you can see, I clearly had a lot of feelings about Still Me, I’m actually quite frustrerad with it to be honest.

Who is the girl behind all the book piles and coffee?

bild_Pohland   IMG_2750 IMG_2596 (1)

I’m Annie, 26 years old and I live in the north of Sweden. For about 3 years I’ve been working as a social media manager, and now I’m not. Instead I’m pursuing my dream to make a living of books, in my case being a librarian. Right now I’m waiting to hear back about my recent application for university. Besides this, I’m enrolled in two online classes in youth literature right now.

When I’m not studying you can find me snuggling with my cats or curled up somewhere with a book. Last year I read 100 books (did I hear a YAY?!)! And this year my goal is to read 20 book, all these with over 600 pages. So, it’s gonna be a big book year for me.

Right now I’m reading A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas. Which I’m super excited about since I’ve never had the pleasure to read Maas earlier. And I know what you’re thinking “Wait a minute, ACTOR isn’t over 600 pages…”. And no, it’s not. But I think it’s important to read what you’re in the mood for! And I’ve been putting of this book for a while now.
I’m only a few chapters in right now, but it seems very promising and I already love it!



Welcome to my book-blog!

IMG_1238.JPGAlmost two weeks ago I took a huge step (for me) and created a new instagram account for my books. I was so excited and it felt good to be a part of bookstagram finally! And the community is so warm and nice, it’s such a great place!

So, why not get a blog to accompany my instagram I thought to myself. And here we are!

My hope is to mainly post book reviews here, and other longer post which do not fit my instagram account due to the length. We’ll see how it goes, maybe this blog will just collect dust in a forgotten part of the Internet, maybe not!

So, who am I? I’m Annie, 26 years old and I live in north Sweden. My main hobby is to read. I’m soon unemployed from my job as a social media manager  and is aspiring to be a librarian, so maybe I’ll blog about that (if I get accepted to the university program)! And right now I study two youth literature courses, which take up quite a bit of time.
I have two cats, Sergeant Leftover (Leffe for short, also the cat in the picture!) and Socks. I bet they will be featured here in the future.

Feel free to join me on this adventure!

PS. You can find my instagram account here DS.