Am I REALLY sticking to a TBR?!

So January has almost passed, the start of 2019 is so far going splendidly. And maybe mostly because for once in my life, I set a monthly TBR (to be read), and followed through on it?! I’m as chocked as you are.

My theme for January was to finish books I picked up last year, but never finished.
I’ll introduce them in the order I started them in 2018, just so you can imagine what a wreck I am.

  • Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by JK Rowling – started September 17th, 2017. (wow, this wasn’t even started in 2018… I’m a monster.)
  • Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon – started January 13th, 2018.
  • The People in the Trees by Hanya Yanagihara – started May 1th, 2018
  • The Disaperance at Devil’s Rock by Paul Tremblay – started July 27th, 2018

(The stats are brought to you by the help of my goodreads stats, and also stories posted on my Instagram).
My goal was to finish at least half off the books this month, and to at least read from all of them.
I finished Disappearance at Devil’s Rock 2019/01/07 and The People in the Trees 2019/01/20. I’ve also read a couple of chapters from Harry Potter and started my reread of Drums of Autumn, since I started it a year ago I couldn’t remember anything of the plot.
So, one could say that I’ve completed my TBR goal for January already. I’ve completed half of the books, and continued on with the other half. My plan for now is hopefully finish at least Harry Potter before the month is over. Since Drums of Autumn is a chunk of a book with stunningly 905 pages, I’ll probably won’t be able to finish it until the end of the month.

But I guess we’ll see about that later! I’ll write a update entry when January is over. And maybe even announce my TBR for February.
Would that be something you want to see on my blog? Comment and tell me what you think! Do you want more posts like this, or are you just here for the reviews?

Top five reads of 2018

Hello lovelies! I asked you guys on Instagram if you wanted a post of my top five reads of the year! You wanted it, so you’re getting it! Since 2018 has been kind of a slumpy year for my,  it was fairly easy to choose my best five books. However, after a long deliberation I’ve decided not to rank them, these are all my best reads of the year. It just broke my heart to make one of them number one. So here they come, in the order I read them this year:
(every book is accompanied with a comment from me trying to get you to read the book if you haven’t + I’ve linked the reviews I’ve posted)

IT (read in June)
You can find my review here
One of the books I really wanted to read this year was It. Maybe it was the recent movie adaptation that sparked my obsession. Even though it was a real brick with its 1300 pages, I flew through it. It’s pure magic. Mr King is a genius, as always!

Bird Box (read in July)
you can find my review here
Seeing a theme? This year I tried to read more horror books. Since I’m having a slumpy year, I’m pretty pleased with myself for at least getting through two. 
So, if you don’t know, Netflix is premiering the movie on Sunday (21/12). And I’ve never been this excited ever. It’s a great book, and the fear is INTENSE! I can’t wait to see the movie!

Call Me By Your Name (read in July) 
You can find my review here
I’ve been raving about this book all year, or at least half the year, to everyone who might listen for just a couple of seconds! I mean, this book has it all! Italy, great characters, love and just EVERYTHING! 
And after you’ve read the book you should drop everything you’re doing and watch the movie adaptation. 

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (read in September)
You can find my review here
I’m weak for great character developments, portraits and flawed characters. And my gosh, do Eleanor Oliphant have it all! 
Everyone and their grandma’s been raving about this book all year, so it would be weird if you missed it. But if you did, feel free to read my review for a spoiler free summary.
It’s such a great story! I’ll probably re-read it soon enough, maybe next year! 

Strange the Dreamer (read in December)
You can find my review here
So, I might have been the last one to jump on the bandwagon for this AMAZING book. But at least I got on it. And OMG what a ride. Lazlo, marry me! My first read of 2019 might and will probably be Muse of Nightmares…..

Review: Hydranos

[I was gifted this book by the author in exchange for a honest review.]


Review: Hydranos by  Constantina Maud (her blog and her Instagram)
Language: English
Pages: 586

If you want your own copy of the book, you can find it here (via amazon)!

My overall rating for this book: 3,5/5

“On Cosmos, death is not everyone’s fate. There, where children cannot grow up away from their birth land and humanity is split into four Nations… are Stones that are not stones.
A cadet official of her country’s royal council, Drynoe keeps finding herself torn between duty and her very nature. And her scarred past has forced her to believe that being governed by one’s feelings is a weakness that comes with a fatal price…
When a most revered, supercentenarian ruler who was unable to die meets his unforeseen end, and Hydranos, the primordial Stone-‘essence’ of water that uncovers even the most hidden of feelings, takes flight, the cosmic balances start to go haywire. Drynoe and her friends end up in the vibrant colony of Helicasteros and on the threshold of life-altering events, like their encounter with the enigmatic master builder Lythes, who constantly challenges anyone that isn’t true to oneself… when he’s not weaving his own impenetrable mist of secrets. Immersed into the oblivion and almost eternal summer of a land where treasure hunters are entitled to sanctuary and no barriers between wishes and real life exist, Drynoe’s resolve is tested more than ever. And the group’s protean hostess Vryx is⸺like Hydranos⸺tenaciously set on unmasking their hearts’ deepest desires… and turning them from dreams into reality.
Hydranos is the first novel in the series The Age of Stones.”

What did I like/dislike about the book?

For how long could the past last?

This is a fantasy adventure, and it’s the first book in a series, which means it contains a lot of world building and character building (Did I hear a ‘yay’?!).
The story itself is pretty forward, it’s almost like you’ve thrown into it. It feels like the story begins in the midst of things. However, I did enjoy it. And read it in a course of about two weeks. When I write reviews of books, I try to focus on just that book for the time being. So that I have my thoughts collected and focused around one storyline.

One thing I thought about was that I felt that the language use was a bit too hard for me, I could at times not get in to the flow because I felt the language use was too advanced for me at times. But then again, bare in mind that English isn’t my first language. However, mid-book I had forgotten about this and basically flew through the pages. Maybe I just had to get used to the writing style!
The book comes with a pretty handy appendix in the back, with maps, a glossary, timelines and family trees.  Which certainly came in handy and is highly appreciated!



Why scheduled TBRs is my worst enemy


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might remember this post about my big book TBR.
I’ve read ONE book from that list (IT – Stephen King), and that blog post is two months old. However, I have not read that much during this time. Three books to be exact.
So, why I can’t stick to a scheduled TBR?

I’m a mood reader
I usually let my mood pick my book. So even with a scheduled TBR it’s really easy for me to stray from it. I absolutely love books with a heartbreaking story, and because of this I usually read a fluffy book after I finish it. And after a though read, it is not that compelling to pick up a chunky book like these on my TBR currently.

I’m a spontaneous reader
This goes hand in hand with being a mood reader. If I read a good review or see a book frequently feature on bookstagram/goodreads I will with 99% certainty buy and read it. Instead of sticking to the books I already got.

I almost always prioritize my newly bought books.
When I buy new books, which happens every month (no shame) is that I want to read my new crisp books as soon as I get the chance. However, since I buy books quite frequently some of my new books are still unread on my shelves.

I easily “get stuck” in series or genres.
This is literary my worst enemy. I should never ever start a new series when I have a scheduled TBR of some sort. I started reading A Court of Thorns and Roses a while back. And instead of reading the books I’ve been wanting to read and set aside for this summer, I’ve been reading that series. I’m now on ACOWAR. At least these books are over 500 pages (roughly) so they’ll count for my reading goal this year. But, I’m a bit disappointed with myself for not sticking to my big book TBR.

Reading slumps
This is also a factor. The last months my reading has been slow and I haven’t felt as driven to read books as I usually am. And because of this, I do not want to pressure myself to a strict TBR. I tried to read Wolf Hall after I finished IT, however, I got about 20 pages in and felt it to be a bit to slow for my taste at the moment and did not finish it.

Am I a environmentally conscious reader?

img_2166.jpgSomething I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is how to be an environment friendly reader. I’m not the most environmentally conscious person you may stumble across, but I think about it from time to time.
Because, books are made of paper, which is made of wood. Which comes from the forest. So to get books, we need to cut down forests.
I don’t really know much about the ink process, and if it would help for publishers to change to eco-friendly ink. But I guess it would. Because toxins are bad?!

And another thing is that I order books from Bookdepository in the United Kingdom, mostly because the books are cheaper and I read mostly in English. However, they ship via plane, so my books is flown to me in Sweden every time I order something (even though I understand that the plane will lift off even if I don’t order a book or two, so it probably won’t make a difference).

Regardless, I can’t stop thinking about it. And sometimes even feel bad about my bookshelves which is stuffed with books, or dead tiny trees. 😦

Lately, I’ve been trying to read more e-books instead on my iPad. And I usually also borrow a great deal of books from my local library. So maybe I’m doing something!

Apparently I now have THREE editions of the Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. One e-book, a paperback I borrowed from my local library and a hardback that I borrowed from my sister (AFTER I checked the paperback version out of the library). That is crazy. I’m a bit ashamed, haha.

What do you think about books and being environmentally friendly? Tell me in the comments.

I read a article while I was browsing the internet for inspiration for this post. I thought it was good, so I’ll leave it here for you:

Big Book TBR


Since I’ve already been talking a bit about my big book year, let’s dive in a bit further. I earlier said that my goal was to read 20 books with over 600 pages, well, I’ve changed that to 500 pages and above. Because a lot of the books over 600 pages I’ve seen is like 1000 pages and more. And that’s A LOT.

But I still have a bit of chunky books on my TBR for this year. These are the ones I have so far ordered in number of most pages:

IT – Stephen King (currently reading when this post goes up), 1340 pages.

His Dark Materials – Philip Pullman, 1102 pages.

Don Quijote – Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, 935 pages.

Anna Karenina – Lev Tolstoj, 926 pages.

Drums of Autumn – Diana Gabaldon, 908 pages.

The Bronze Horseman – Paulina Simons, 810 pages.

The Goldfinch – Donna Tartt, 771 pages.

The Secret History – Donna Tartt, 659 pages.

Wolf Hall – Hilary Mantel, 647 pages.

The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss, 622 pages.

American Gods – Neil Gaiman, 592 pages.

And now that I’m looking back on this list, every book except American Gods are above 600 pages, haha. And I have a great deal of other books that I want to read that is not included in this list. But I’ll keep you updated on what I read and when  I read it!
I haven’t yet decided the order in which I’m reading this books. But I’ll guess I’ll read Wolf Hall soon because I’ve borrowed that from my local library. So I have to finish that one this summer (before August).


Please leave some chunky book recs in the comments! Or tell me your opinion on the books I’ve listed if you’ve read any of them.
Have a great day!